I Want to Forgive

It has been stated many times by many people that forgiveness is most powerful for the one who forgives. Offering forgiveness for the wrongs done to us can help us free ourselves to move on and move forward in our lives…

As you read through these statements of apology, you may decide personally whether or not you are ready, willing and/or able to forgive us White folks for our unconscious or conscious racism. It is hoped that you will read an apology that feels personally meaningful to you, given your experiences as a person of color. Your decision whether or not to forgive is totally up to you, of course.

If it would feel meaningful to you to make any kind of statement in response to reading the apologies put forth on this website, or to discuss your own experiences of being targeted with racism and be heard in this way, please tell your story (or stories) here, and they will be read.

Thank you!

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