Preparing to Apologize

You may create and submit your apology online by clicking here. Before you write your statement of apology, however, please read the following helpful information on how to consider and form your apology:


Before posting your apology here, take a few minutes to consider the impact of what you are doing—emotionally, spiritually, psychologically and physically. Know that once you submit your apology, it will be read by many people throughout the world and will be a catalyst for justice and peace everywhere.

Here are some suggestions for how you may prepare yourself to craft and offer a heart-felt apology…

Preparing to set the intention for your statement…

  • Commit to heal yourself and help yourself.
    • Get the help and support you need to maintain your commitment.
  • Try to do the best you can to maintain the intention behind your apology.
    • Human beings sometimes make mistakes, however, you will do your best and make fewer mistakes when your heart remains in the right place. To try is important.
  • Stand behind your apology with your present and future actions.
    • Walk your talk. Our words and deeds matter. Don’t just help from a distance; you may want to become directly and personally involved in equaling the playing field.
  • Commit to swim upstream against the current of racism.
    • The current of racism sweeps us along into unconsciously remaining racist, acting out racist thoughts and actions. We must actively fight against it, and become more conscious and kind.
  • Be an Ambassador of Your Race.
    • Set an example of what it means to be anti-racist, to go against the grain, to travel joyfully in the opposite direction from the crowd, along with other anti-racists, knowing that you are gracefully moving toward truth, justice, rightness and peace.
    • Model kindness, love, compassion, respect and inclusivity toward all people.
  • Take responsibility for your own unconscious as well as conscious racism. Others have paid a high price for the ignorance and denial of White folks. Consider all forms of racism in which you have taken part and from which you may currently benefit. Acknowledge unkind and thoughtless acts such as: hurtful jokes or remarks, name-calling or bullying, violence and brutality, irrational fear or hatred, other racist thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Own up to being a beneficiary of the systemic and institutionalized racism which affords you privileges as a White person that are off-limits to people of color.
    • You may choose to apologize anonymously if you wish, however, you may also want to include your name, city, and state if you feel comfortable doing so.
    • The number of words you may use is unlimited. Speak from your heart. Say as much as you need to say to feel that you have sufficiently apologized.
    • Unite with other people in this mission to apologize, invite your family members and your friends. People everywhere can join this movement to create social change and bring justice by embracing truth and love.

Preparing the content of your statement…

  • Educate yourself with regard to racism and cultural histories of Black People of African Heritage and All People of Color.  Click here for some educational materials that may be helpful.
  • Carefully consider the wording of your statement.
  • Focus on using words that heal and do not use words that hurt.
  • Acknowledge your own wrongdoing.  You may also wish to acknowledge wrongs that were not personally committed by you, but which were caused by other People Considered White or through systemic racism.
  • Acknowledge the pain you have caused.
  • In written words, state your commitment to stop doing these hurtful things to people of color, take responsibility for healing racism within yourself and within our world, and walk opposite the stream that will continually award social and economic benefits to you as a White person.
  • State your hopes for the future. Consider the ideal relationship for which you hope and what you are willing to give or do to make your hope a reality.

You may create and submit your apology online by clicking here.

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