Why Should We All Apologize to Each Other? Who Should Apologize? Who Should Forgive? Who Deserves Our Apology the Most?

We can offer an apology as a way of making amends for the wrongs of history and the privilege from which we may currently benefit as members of socially and/or economically advantaged groups. Therefore, White people may wish to apologize to people of color for their racism and the privilege of benefits they have enjoyed that have been denied to people of color, for example. White people may also want an apology for themselves as good, innocent people who were given the role of oppressor to play at birth, against their wills, their best thinking, their moral and ethical choice, and the goodness of their hearts. We all deserve an apology for being forced to play out our respective roles as haves and have nots, one-ups and one-downs, in the destructive, unjust and hurtful system of social oppression. However, those who have played the role of the oppressed deserve our heart-felt apology the most.

Every one of us who currently enjoys or who has enjoyed the benefits of social privilege can and hopefully will create and submit an apology online by clicking here.

Every one of us who has been unfairly targeted with the injustices of racism may choose to forgive and/or to discuss your own experiences with being a target of injustice.  Please tell your story to help yourself heal and to allow others to understand more about your pain and your struggle.  Click here for help considering whether or not you want to forgive at this time.